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Jun 03, 2008 at 10:26 am by staff

Adobe had its own announcement in June: Acrobat 9 is ready for public consumption. I’ve been involved in beta testing version 9 for the past year and plan to write a full review in the near future. But for the moment, let me share a few morsels to whet your appetite.

- For the first time, Acrobat 9 provides deep support for Adobe Flash technology, enabling users to include Adobe Flash Player compatible video and application files in PDF documents. Recipients simply need free Adobe Reader 9 software to view these files.

- Acrobat 9 also includes the ability to unify a wide range of content into a single document with the new concept of PDF Portfolios. PDF Portfolios enable users to assemble multiple media types, such as documents, video, audio and even 3D objects, into one compressed PDF file.

- Acrobat now comes in three primary flavors: Acrobat 9 Standard, Acrobat 9 Pro and the new Acrobat 9 Pro Extended. The Extended version includes Adobe Presenter software for easily turning Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into multimedia experiences that can be published as PDF files.

More later. I promise.

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