Online Training Available at Newspaper Academy

Mar 06, 2017 at 04:20 pm by staff features training you need from people you trust. Join Kevin Slimp, Ed Henninger, John Hatcher, Tim Smith and other trusted names in newspaper training for webinars, video training and more.

Webinars are scheduled on a regular schedule, with several each month on the Academy Website.

Recorded training is updated continually. This is a partial list of recorded training:

Growing Your Newspaper

Kevin Slimp: Getting People to Pick Up Your Paper


Tim Smith: Sales by Numbers
Tim Smith: Time & Territory Management


Ed Henninger: Ten Surefire Ways to Improve Your Newspaper's Design
Ed Henninger: License to Print Money
Kevin Slimp: Page & Ad Design Tips for Newspapers

Web Design

Kevin Slimp: Introduction to Adobe Muse for Website Design

Adobe InCopy

Kevin Slimp: Learning to Use the InCopy/InDesign Editorial Workflow System

Adobe Illustrator

Kevin Slimp: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator for Designers

Adobe InDesign

Kevin Slimp: InDesign Basics for New or Newer Users
Kevin Slimp: InDesign Skills for Experienced Newspaper Designers
Kevin Slimp: Mastering the Pens and Paths in InDesign
Kevin Slimp: InDesign Scripts: Increasing Your Productivity

Adobe Muse

Kevin Slimp: Introduction to Adobe Muse for Website Design

Adobe Photoshop

Kevin Slimp: The Basics of Adobe Photoshop
Kevin Slimp: Making Your Pics Pop Off the Page Using Photoshop
Kevin Slimp: Make Your Reds More Red and Your Blues More Blue

Adobe Creative Cloud

Kevin Slimp: Learning to Use Tools in Creative Cloud


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