Answers: Andy Griffith Show Quiz

Jan 04, 2016 at 10:52 am by staff


A. What was the name of the show starring Andy Griffith that aired the season after The Andy Griffith Show ended? Many of the same actors appeared in this show, with different character names.

1. The New Andy Griffith Show

2. Mayberry RFD

3. And One Makes Four

4. Mayor Andy

B. Was Opie ever seen in the chair, getting a haircut, at Floyd's Barber Shop?

1. Yes

2. No

3. Maybe. Maybe not.

C. What was the name of the man who ran over Barney's foot with a car?

1. Herbert

2. Hershel

3. Harold

4. Norbert

D. Fill in the blank:

Call for the doctor. Call for the nurse. Call for the lady with "the alligator purse."

E. In "The Manhunt," Barney said that "Big" wasn't the word for it. What was the word?


F. How did Andy's first wife die?

1. During childbirth

2. In "an accident"

3. Of pneumonia

4. It was never told

G. In "Class Reunion," where did Andy's high school sweetheart live?

1. Mayberry

2. New York

3. Raleigh

4. Chicago

H. What were the names of the sisters who were allowed to talk on the phone all day on Sunday?

1. Clara and MaryLouise

2. Dora and Louise

3. Emma and Dorene

4. Maude and Cora

I. What was the name of the column that Barney wrote for the high school paper?

1. "Pickups & Splashes from Floor and Pool"

2. "Fife's Feelings About Life and Lessons"

3. "Hallways and Byways"

4. "Mayberry High Undercover"

J. In the TV show starring Andy Griffith which aired the season after "The Andy Griffith Show" went off the air, Andy lived in a different city, with the same set as Mayberry. What was the name of the new city?

1. Mayberry

2. Greenwood

3. Greenville

4. Green City

K. What song was written and sung by Aunt Bee and Clara Edwards on a popular TV show?

1. My Beautiful Mayberry

2. My Home Town

3. My Beautiful Town

4. My Home Mayberry

There are 11 questions in all. Grades are as follows:

A+ = All 11 answers correct

A = 10 answers correct

A- = 9 answers correct

B+ = 8 answers correct

B = 7 answers correct

B- = 6 answers correct

C = 5 answers correct

D = 4 answers correct

F = 3 or less answers correct


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