ALAP Offers Useful Plug-ins for InDesign Users

Aug 31, 2004 at 10:13 am by staff

ALAP InEffects Dazzles InDesign Users When potential users hear about all the bells and whistles available in Adobe InDesign, they sometimes get the impression that the application includes all the features they could ever want for newspaper production. Unfortunately, no program has everything you could hope for built into it. While InDesign makes it possible to create several special effects historically relegated to Photoshop - including drop shadows, feathers and more - there are still a few Photoshop effects missing. ALAP (A Lowly Apprentice Production) has done something about this with the recent release of InEffects 1.0. Quark users might remember ALAP for some of its QuarkXpress extensions, including XPert Tools and Shadow Caster. InEffects includes improvements to some functions already available in InDesign. One of these is Drop Shadow - which works more like the drop shadow feature in Photoshop - giving the user more control over the appearance of the shadow. Unlike InDesign Drop Shadow, InEffects allows the user control over intensity and noise. The most valuable feature of InEffects is the ability to create special effects that normally have to take place outside of InDesign. Effects such as Inner Shadow, Outer Glow, Inner Glow, and Bevel & Emboss are a click away with the help of InEffects. True, there is nothing in InEffects that can
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