Retrieving Data From Corrupt Drives is Possible with Data Rescue II

Dec 23, 2008 at 01:05 pm by staff

Gary Rudy, IFPA director, sent a panicked e-mail a couple of weeks ago. Seems the camera card that contained all of the photos from the IFPA national convention bit the dust.

After sending the card to an outfit that specializes in getting data from corrupted drives, he learned that the cost for this service was a mere $700. He e-mailed to ask if there was a less expensive way to get the photos off the card.

A few days later, FedEx arrived with his corrupt card. Sure enough, when I put it in the slot in my iMac I was informed that the drive was bad and my only option was to format or eject the drive.

Not so fast. I remembered that I’d recently received the latest version of Data Rescue II, from ProSoft Engineering. DRII promises to rescue data from dead drives. I figured, “What the heck.”

After installing the software, I slipped Gary’s card into my card slot. Next, I instructed DRII to scan the card. Sure enough, hundreds of jpeg file names appeared in a list. I selected “Recover Files” and, sure enough, those jpeg files were copied to a folder I had created on my desktop. A few minutes later I was burning the photos to a CD and filling out a FedEx form. Gary was pleased.

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