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Sep 03, 2009 at 03:04 pm by staff

I ran into Paul Niemann at a newspaper conference in Missouri a few months ago. It seems that Paul has made a living writing a series called Red, White & True Mysteries for newspapers in the Midwest region of the United States since 2003.

Primarily used in N.I.E. (Newspapers in Education) programs, these mysteries are based on famous Americans. The idea is that children can read the information about a famous historical figure, then try to guess who it is.

Earlier this year, Paul began creating high-quality videos for newspaper, television and radio Web sites. Based on the materials from his printed mysteries, Paul dresses as a historical figure while the viewer tries to guess who he is. They are a lot of fun and very well done. I especially get a chuckle when he dresses up as Betsy Ross, Annie Oakley or some other famous American woman.

Paul has been selling these printed and video mysteries to newspapers through a revenue sharing model by helping newspapers in the Midwest find advertisers for his material. I convinced Paul he should offer his videos to newspapers outside that area and he agreed it was a good idea.

If you’re interested in “Red, White & True Mysteries,” either in print, video or both, they are now available with a monthly subscription fee or through a revenue-share. To see a sample of one of Paul’s videos, click on his video on the right sidebar of this page. To get more information about these products, visit

At my suggestion, Paul has created a new price structure for smaller papers. Contact Paul directly at for more information concerning pricing for small newspapers.


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