Quark hopes to keep - and attract - designers with QuarkXPress 8

by Kevin Slimp, June 2008

Quark hopes to keep - and attract - designers with QuarkXPress 8 | quarkxpress, 8, slimp, technology, newspaper
Is it too little, too late for QuarkXPress? I hope not. The more competition the better, I say. Unless it’s a competing paper in my market, that is.

The press releases came out recently touting the launch of QuarkXPress 8. When I received an invitation to attend the unveiling of the application in Denver, I really wanted to attend. Unfortunately (well, not really unfortunately - I had a great time in Montreal), I was already booked to speak in Montreal the same day. But I would like to have been there to see if the folks at Adobe have anything to worry about.

On their Web site, Quark promises to make the page-layout and design experience easier, faster and fun. I hope it’s as fun as InDesign. Or as easy. Or as fast. If past experience is any indication, Quark needs to make a major leap to accomplish any of the three. I’m pulling for them, though. Software only improves with competition.

Thinking about upgrading to Quark? Purchase version 7 by August 1, 2008, and you can upgrade to QuarkXPress 8 free. Order online at quark.com and receive a 15% discount.

It can’t be too much longer till we start hearing rumblings about Adobe Creative Suite CS4. Adobe seems to come out with a new version about every 18 months or so. If that holds true, maybe we’ll have new versions of QuarkXPress and InDesign before the year is up. Only time will tell.