Hemera Introduces Online Stock Photo Service

Kevin Slimp, June 2003

Hemera Introduces Online Stock Photo Service

AbleStock allows users to select a stock photo by resolution and quality.
Over the years, I’ve become accustomed to acquiring stock photos from Multi-ad, Dynamic Graphics and Metro. And for good reasons. All three provide quality photos, as well as illustrations, that work well in a newspaper environment. Recently, a new player joined the game. AbleStock.com, an online stock photo service from Hemera Technologies, provides high quality stock photos with the click of a mouse.

The AbleStock collection includes over 16,000 royalty-free digital images in three file sizes. Once the user selects the appropriate photo for download, a choice is made between small (for the Internet), medium or large file size. Large files average 20-30 megabytes, so we’re talking serious high quality images, large enough to fill a broadsheet page. Don’t worry. You won’t spend all day downloading these files.

Hemera’s download technology allows you to download a large file in less than a minute (with broadband connection).
One difference in Hemera’s service is their “one price fits all” approach. Regardless of a newspaper’s circulation or the number of images downloaded, a single-user subscription to AbleStock.com costs $399 (US) / 550 (CAD) / 610 (AUD) for six months or $699 (US) / $969 (CAD) / $1075 (AUD) for a twelve-month subscription. This allows unlimited downloads, although you will have to contact Hemera at a provided phone number if you plan on downloading more than 40 photos in a single day.

For more information, visit www.ablestock.com.